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Our Menu

With a wide selection of appetizers, sushi, sashimi and Asian speciality dishes, our menu has something for everyone to enjoy. 

Colorful sushi platters, a succulent piece of meat or mouthwatering flavors from the Far East is what we pride ourselves in. With assured consistency and a well-versed team that has been there since day one, you will surely be amazed. Don't know what to order, simply let our chef surprise you.



Hiyashi Wakame

Seaweed Salad

Conch Salad

Conch in a tangy spicy vinegar

Ginger Salad

Green salad with our home-made ginger dressing

Crab Salad

Crab and avocado salad

Ika Sansai

Marinated smoked squid and vegetables

Teriyaki Beef Salad

Green salad topped with teriyaki beef


Miso Soup

A delicate broth with miso, mushrooms, tofu and scallions

Lobster Bisque

A creamy lobster broth with bits of shrimp

Seafood Soup

Japanese style fish and vegetable soup

Clam Chowder

New England style


Yasai Ten

A medley of garden-fresh vegetables

Tempura Mix

Shrimp, crab, salmon, fish and vegetables

Ebi Ten

Colossal shrimp tempura

Thai Egg Rolls

Vegetarian egg rolls

Tempura Green Beans

French green beans in tempura

Calamari Rings

Breaded in panko and deep fried

Other Japanese Starters


Steamed & salted soy beans

Himalaya Tuna

Finely sliced tuna served on a block of Himalaya salt

Dynamite Scallops

Fresh scallops topped and baked in our home made creamy spicy sauce

Spicy Edamame

Stir fried in a chili sauce

Beef Tetaki

Seared on the outside, raw on the inside served with ponzu sauce

Crab Cake

Key West lump crab cakes served with spicy sauce

New Style Sashimi

White fish drizzled with soy sauce and a hot oil mixture

Dim Sum

Green Vegetable Gyoza

Shrimp Gyoza with Vegetable

Wasabi Pork Shumai

Beef Gyoza

Pork and Vegetable Gyoza

Pork Shumai

Chicken Gyoza

Shrimp Sumai

Dim Sum Mixed Platter

Poke Bowl

Pronounced POH-keh
A traditional Hawaiian seafood preparation -bite-size pieces of raw fish like ahi tuna, salmon presented on a bed of sushi rice with lots of extra goodies



From the Sushi Bar

Sashimi & Nigiri
















Temaki Hand Rolls

Spicy Tuna


Tempura Shrimp



Salmon Skin



Maki Rolls

Kappa Maki

Cucumber & sesame

J.B. Roll

Salmon, cream cheese, scallions & sesame

Eel Roll

Eel, cucumber, masago, sesame & eel sauce

Boston Roll

Shrimp, iceberg, scallions, mayo & sesame


A crab roll topped with a spicy fish sauce

Spider Roll

Tempura soft shell crab, masago, scallions & sesame

Craving Roll

Salmon skin, salmon, scallions, masago, spicy sauce & sesame

Fiesta Roll

Salmon skin and avocado roll topped with crab salad

Crunchy Eel

Salmon skin and avocado topped with eel

Hershel Roll

A Spider roll topped with eel

Fantasy Roll

Tempura shrimp, crab salad topped with avocado and tempura chips

Adventure Roll

Snapper, shrimp, crab salad, cream cheese, avocado, spec sauce

Geisha Roll

Salmon, crab and avocado wrapped in seaweed and deep fried - no rice

Tiger Roll

Tempura crab topped with avocado and masago

Teka Maki

Tuna & sesame

Kimchee Roll

Tuna, kimchee (hot sauce) & sesame

Bonaire Roll

Conch, masago, spicy mayo, scallions, & sesame

Miryam Roll

Broccoli & paprika, cream cheese & sesame

Rainbow Roll

A California roll topped with different fish

Rock & Roll

Spicy tuna topped with eel

Tempura Roll

A California roll with salmon, fried in tempura

Fire Fish

California roll topped with spicy tuna and masago

Hershey Roll

Tempura salmon, iceberg, mayo topped with avocado and sesame

Emperor Roll

Crab salad in a tempura roll

Crazy Roll

Snapper, cream cheese and avocado topped with spicy seared salmon

Extravaganza Roll

Tempura shrimp & carrot topped with avocado tuna and salmon

Tropical Roll

Fried plantains, white fish tempura, crab salad and cream cheese

Sake Maki

Salmon, cucumber & sesame

California Roll

Crab, cucumber, avocado & sesame

Octopus Roll

Octopus, avocado, scallions & sesame

Alaska Roll

Crab, salmon, avocado, cucumber, masago & sesame

Dragon Roll

Tempura shrimp, iceberg, scallions, mayo, avocado & sesame

Thai Roll

Thai rolls rolled in seaweed, iceberg, sweet & sour sauce & sesame

Candy Roll

Crab salad roll topped with eel & sesame


California roll topped with spicy scallops and masago

Surf & Turf

A tempura shrimp roll topped with beef

Curry Roll

Crab salad and cream cheese in a curry tempura roll

Fufusela Roll

Tempura crab and avocado topped with spicy tuna and jalapeños

Angus Roll

Spicy Tenderloin beef strips in a tempura roll

Kamakazi Roll

Tempura carrots and crab salad topped with tuna and mango

From the Kitchen


Salmon Teriyaki

Grilled Sushi grade salmon topped with teriyaki & leeks sauce and served with fried rice


Sesame Tuna

Lightly grilled in a sesame seed crust and fried rice

Catch of the Day

Ask your server what we have today: Snapper, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi or Grouper. We recommend Rum Butter Sauce or Creole Sauce

Shrimp Pasta

Plump juicy shrimp sautéed and served with egg noodles in a creamy wine sauce

From the Land

Chicken Teriyaki

Grilled thighs marinated in our homemade teriyaki and sesame sauce served with white or fried rice

Rib-eye Steak 16 oz

The most popular and juiciest U.S. choice Angus Beef

Beef Teriyaki

Tenderloin strips in our homemade teriyaki sauce served with white or fried rice

Craving's Tenderloin

Grilled tenderloin with potato puree



Grilled Chicken

Grilled Salmon

Grilled Shrimp

Emperor Salad

On a bed of fresh greens, apple and feta cheese. With a creamy herb dressing

Oriental Specials

Udon Pot

Noodles in broth with chicken, seafood and vegetables

Yaki Soba

Chicken, beef or shrimp stir fried in vegetables and egg noodles

Pepper Steak

U.S. flank steak strips stir fried in sweet bell peppers

Cashew Chicken

Chicken breast strips stir fried with cashew nuts and veggies in oyster sauce

Garlic Shrimp

Tiger shrimp stir fried in veggies and fresh garlic

Stir Fri

Chicken, beef or shrimp stir fried with fresh vegetables.

Mongolian Beef

U.S. flank steak strips stir fried in our home made Mongolian sauce

Orange Chicken/Beef

Chicken breast strips or flank steak stir fried in orange sauce

Pineapple Fried Rice

Chunks of chicken, ham and pineapple stir fried in rice and veggies

Teriyaki Salad

Chicken, beef or shrimp teriyaki on a bed of crisp salad

Beef and Broccoli

U.S. flank steak strips stir fried in fresh broccoli

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Chicken breast strips stir fried in pineapple, veggies and sweet and sour sauce

Curry Chicken

Chicken breast strips curried in chili, coriander, turmeric and coconut milk

Some items may contain nuts. Items can be served with white rice, fried rice or potato wedges. Ask our waiter for assistance
on vegetarian options.

Side Orders

White Rice

Potato Purée

Fried Rice

Potato Wedges

Noodles (Bánh mì)

Mushroom Sauce


Tempura Cheesecake

Our world-famous deep-fried cheesecake topped with
ice cream and chocolate


Tempura Banana

Tempura bananas topped with vanilla ice-cream cinnamon and chocolate

Tempura Brownie

Home-made brownies
deep-fried and topped with
ice cream and chocolate

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